About us

“With the collaboration of our strategic allies and business partners, we have accumulated over 28 years of experience providing demonstrable results in the field of mining and mining services solutions.”

Intellsis has a skilled and diversified staff with vast experience in the mining industry, ranging from early evaluation through mine management. We provide highly technical training and operational assistance in mine design and planning, production plans, mineral reserve and resource estimates, and geological interpretation and modeling.

Additionally, we offer customized software and application developments based on an exhaustive analysis of technological trends, identifying operational needs and objectives to solve customer challenges directly and efficiently. Our team of developers works on a set of specifications and architecture requested by future users that will be the basis of the most effective software solution that organizations need.

At the same time, Intellsis is a company that distributes software solutions and high-tech equipment such as Autonomous drones, sensors, and measurement instruments in general for the most demanding engineering operational challenges.



Our goal is to apply science and technology to offer appropriate solutions to our clients while transferring invaluable knowledge and innovative approaches to help them address future challenges more efficiently.



Our vision is to become the most trusted provider for our customer community. We focus our passion and expertise on solving challenges using high-tech innovator’s products and services. We are oriented not only to pursue profits but also to provide long-term and efficient technological solutions.


Our team

At Intellsis, we understand that the engine behind any successful company is its human team. And in our case, we are proud to have a skilled, highly creative and innovative team. This combination of skills and mindsets is what allows us to stand out in a constantly evolving business world.

Carlos Freile

Executive Director

    Juan Garcia

    Marketing Director

    Pedro Gamboa

    Project Manager

      Nalleli Ortega

      Sales Manager 

      Arnold Gonzalez

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