Real-time topographic survey

In the dynamic mining environment, there is no room for pauses or delays in operations. Therefore, it is crucial to optimize all procedures that are executed in the daily routine.
Surveying and topographic updating are no exception to this premise.

Our services include:

  • Real-time transmission from LEICA equipment
  • Automated modeling of survey data
  • Insertion of drilling plans
  • Immediate visualization of distances to faces, walls, and other points of interest.

Custom software and application development

The need for innovative technology in the engineering industry is always evolving. We at Intellsis are aware of this difficulty, thus we strive to create cutting-edge solutions customized to meet the requirements of our clients. We can transform client’s demands and ideas into adaptable solutions for everyday work thanks to the development of software and apps that save time and resources throughout operations. 

Our services include:
•Development of apps for capturing information on the field.
•Software development to perform specific operational tasks.

Scanning and digitizing
of maps and plans

Our services include:

  • Transferring a high-resolution scanner to the client’s offices
  • Scanning and indexing image storage data
  • Database capture and validation
  • 2D and 3D scanning of plans, maps, and sections.
  • Database capture of plans, maps, and cross-sections in 2D and 3D
  • Establishing a data repository system with high security and data redundancy.

Any engineering process that is successful starts with the analysis of historical data. Large amounts of important information on paper, such as drilling logs and hand-drawn geological drawings (both ancient and current), are present in many mining activities and civil projects. Although it is true that the information is accurate, there are certain drawbacks, including the inability to make use of computer systems’ advantages and the possibility of permanently losing the data if the original document is lost or destroyed. Our skilled technical staff offers the service of on-site document scanning and subsequent image digitalization at your office or remotely.
By gathering data and making digital plans we create reliable databases. All file extensions supported by the most popular engineering applications are included in our outputs.


Elaboration of database

Intellsis provides a proven method for gathering and building strong databases from drilling and sampling records. We use tight quality assurance and control standards throughout our process, and our deliverables ensure proper integration with the client’s software and any other engineering software on the market.


Our services include the following:

Transfer of a high-resolution scanner to the client’s offices.
• Image scanning and indexed storage.
• Data capture and analysis from a drilling record.
• Data collection and interpretation from a sample.
• Creation of a database tailored to the requirements of the client’s software.
• Database verification.

3D modeling from point clouds

Intellsis provides a generation of a 3D model of subsurface structures and surfaces quickly and accurately. Our software employs sophisticated algorithms that are responsible for correlating and extrapolating each point from the database and displaying a design that graphs every scanned morphological attribute.

Our services include:

  • Generation of 3D orebodies from a point cloud database.
  • Filtering and refining of points that make up the model.
  • Multiple views and dynamic rotation of the model.
  • Creation of cross-sections from any point of the model.

Operational solutions based on artificial intelligence

In the mining and/or engineering industry, performance issues occur throughout the operational cycle, directly affecting project costs, either by generating unnecessary amounts of materials that must be transported and processed, lost production due to failure in logistics recurring problems in equipment, etc. Intellsis, which employs Artificial Intelligence technology through the machine learning approach, can simulate many scenarios utilizing the client’s real operational data to develop an effective solution by forecasting situations while taking real operational parameters into account. We not only provide a solution tailored to the unique engineering system, but we also go beyond, evolving with it, offering feedback to the data model, and allowing the formulation of increasingly accurate scenario forecasts as new data is supplied.

Our services include:
• Prediction and reduction of dilution in your operations.
• Generation and validation of the database.
• Creation and adaptation of servers for information analysis.
• Design and development of machine learning algorithms.
• Redefinition of the engineering design until obtaining the desire performance in the operations.
• Monitoring of operational performance.

Geological modeling

The first stage in conducting the assessment of resources is having a verified geological model, which is crucial for making prompt judgments regarding the future of the deposit. Our geological modeling services are customized for each client’s needs.
To create a model that accurately captures the form and characteristics of the mineralogy deposit, we have a team of geologists and geotechnicians with extensive expertise. We also offer revision and update services for your existing model.
We integrate your topographic, lithological, and structural survey data, drilling, and historical information to achieve the highest precision in the results. Deliverables include data from models of lithology, mineralization, alterations, grades, and structural attributes.


Our services include:
• On-site and/or remote evaluation of accessible information.
• Database design and validation
• Modeling and topographic updating
• Digitization of geological and topographic maps
• Generation and validation of the geological model

Rock geomechanics and slope stability

Rock geomechanics and slope stability analyses are critical for a wide range of engineering projects, including roads, tunnels, dams, excavations, and subterranean structures. Intellsis provides a team of engineers with extensive experience ranging from the conceptual stage to detailed engineering, as well as operational support and improvement solutions. We apply a hybrid of analytical and empirical methodologies to provide cutting-edge and unique solutions.


Our services include:

1. Initial Geotechnical Evaluation:
• Reconnaissance of the site and preliminary geological studies.
• Characterization of the local geology and rock units.
2. Field Research:
• Surveys and drilling to obtain samples.
• Carrying out tests in situ, such as the plate test or load tests.
3. Laboratory tests:
• Determination of mechanical properties of rocks and soils (resistance to compression, density, moisture content, among others).
• Characterization of the rock through different geomechanical classifications (for example, RMR, Q-system).
4. Modeling and Analysis:
• Numerical modeling of geomechanical behavior using specialized software.
• Evaluation of slope stability under different conditions and load scenarios.
• Identification of critical areas and movement prediction.
5. Design of Stabilization and Reinforcement Measures:
• Design drainage systems to control surface and groundwater.
• Proposals for the use of rock bolts, meshes, anchors, retaining walls, among others.

6. Monitoring and Instrumentation:
• Design and implementation of monitoring systems for slopes and rock masses.
• Installation of instruments such as inclinometers, extensometers, piezometers, etc., to monitor movements and changes in slope conditions.
7. Risk Analysis and Threat Assessment:
• Identification of possible failure scenarios and their consequences.
• Probabilistic evaluation of risks associated with slope instability.
8. Formulation of Contingency Plans:
• Development of strategies and specific actions in case of failures or unexpected movements on slopes.
9. Training and Workshops:
• Geomechanical and slope stability training.

Resource estimation

Our services include:
•Data collection
•Database creation and validation
•Statistical data analysis
•Geological model generation
•Definition and categorization of mineral resources

Estimating resources accurately is critical for determining the feasibility of a mining operation. Intellsis provides a team of experienced geologists, miners, and statisticians to characterize, evaluate, and categorize the deposits’ resources. We have the most effective analytical approaches for determining profitability by deterministic and geostatistical algorithmic estimations.

We do a comprehensive resource classification as well as an economic analysis based on estimation by block model. Furthermore, to estimate credible economic gains, we do validation using various scenarios simulated with specialized algorithms. In addition, we perform validation through variable scenarios simulated with specialized algorithms to estimate reliable economic benefits.


Mine design and planning

Intellis provides innovative and dependable techniques that ensure high project productivity and efficiency, enhancing the mine’s profitability. We decide on the best strategy for development based on the deposit’s characteristics and carry out a comprehensive plan for development. To guarantee proper and effective use of mining resources, we plan ramps, drifts, rises, drilling and blasting programs, short-term planning (weekly), medium-term, Gantt chart configuration, progress reports, cost reports, etc. We apply the most widely used software in the mining industry.


Our services include:
•Mine design: accesses, developments.
•Mine planning and sequencing
•Drilling and blasting designs and fragmentation analysis.
•Design of ventilation systems
•Planning of equipment and labor requirements

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